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Yamamoto Takeshi x Miura Haru

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Yamamoto Takeshi x Miura Haru
Hello! Welcome to Spring Rain, the Live Journal community (and extension of the FanFiction.Net C2 community of the same name) for Yamamoto Takeshi and Miura Haru from the anime and manga, Katekyo Hitman Reborn. Being similar (especially where Japanese traditions are concerned) and yet opposite in ways that can fulfill one another, we find Haru and Yamamoto great for one another. If you feel the same way, as well, do join the community! And as with every other community, there are some rules to keep in mind:

♥ ABSOLUTELY NO FLAMING. This includes all rude and/or derogatory comments. Respect one another, please!

♥ All posts must be related to Yamamoto, Haru, and KHR. LJ-cut any spoilers if necessary, as the anime and manga are not yet finished.

♥ Questions regarding affiliation and other matters may be asked here. Feel free to contact the moderators, xxkof_feexx and garowyn, as well.

♥ Polls, poems, icons, banners/colorbars, fan art, fan fiction, song-sharing (friends-lock these posts), and the like are welcomed. LJ-cut if it is fanart (give warnings if necessary, and do not repost fan art belonging to someone else without permission), if there is more than 3 icons, and banners/colorbars. LJ-cut for the rest is optional.

♥ Follow the usual rules for posting fan fiction (title, author, rating, etc).

♥ No plagarizing, no illegal stuff, no lying, no stealing, no drugs, no other bad stuff...etc.

♥ Use tags, please, so that it is easy to find what you're looking for. Check the tag list for existing tags.

Enjoy your stay here at Spring Rain!

By the way, our official (established in early 2008) Yamamoto/Haru song is "Beautiful Love" by the Afters. Do check it out!
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